AT ECO Windows & Doors Ltd. – Terms and Conditions

The quotation is based on supplied drawings, window schedule or site survey.

The enclosed quotation shows configurations, internal/external finish, glass specifications, quantity of units allowed for. It is Customer’s responsibility to ensure that planning and building regulations are approved and all specifications within the quotation are correct.

All units are viewed from inside and the chevrons pointing to the handle side.

All windows and doors are inward opening unless otherwise stated in unit description.

The quotation is valid for a period of 30 days and subject to any price changes.

The quotation does not include for any external sills or flashings. All external sills and flashings are to be measured on final day of installation and quoted for in matching RAL colour confirmed by Customer. All external sills or flashings to be paid before manufacturing process begins.

No building works including structural, demolition, construction, architraves, window boards, plasterboards, reveal linings or making good are quoted for within the quotation.

All structural openings are to be prepared before first day of installation (if applicable). It is manufacturers requirement that solid structural and level support is provided for all units including any low-threshold units. If the structural openings are not prepared correctly the installation will be delayed. (Additional storage/delivery charges may apply.).

The quotation includes delivery of materials on site. If the Customer unable to accept delivery on due date, AT ECO Windows & Doors Ltd. must be informed in writing, at least two weeks before estimated delivery date. Considering that at least two weeks’ notice has been given, AT ECO Windows & Doors Ltd., will be able to offer 30 days free of charge goods storage at the manufacturers warehouse.

Any additional goods storage will be subject to daily charges, cost for storage to be agreed with Customer and all storage charges to be paid in full prior to delivery materials on site.

In case if additional storage required, Customer agrees to proceed with the second stage payment upon delivery to local warehouse.

All units arrive securely protected and packed to avoid any damages during transportation and installation process. It is Customers responsibility to ensure that units are protected against any damages by third party trades, storage on site or after the installation is completed.

The “supply and install” option includes offloading and delivery of all units to appropriate levels and fitting locations. The “supply only” option doesn’t allow offloading or delivering units to fitting location or storage area. In case of “supply only” customer is responsible for health and safety management, providing safe and secure storage, ensuring sufficient number of operatives for safe offloading and any lifting equipment hire if needed. AT ECO Windows & Doors Ltd. will not take responsibility for any damages caused during the offloading process. All goods including pallets and packaging materials to be removed from transport once offloading is completed.

Installation schedule (if applicable) is to be agreed in written between Customer and AT ECO Windows & Doors Ltd., within one week before delivery on site.

Installation (if applicable) provides all mechanical fixing of fenestration in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification and include airtightness tape/foam to insulate perimeter of the frame. Unless otherwise is stated all units to be installed with at least 10mm tolerance to each jamb and head of the structural opening to allow sufficient space to apply expanding tape and foam for weathering.

Installation (if applicable) is quoted as a continuous process. Should the Customer require this to be adjusted to suit the site schedule, this can be arranged (additional charge may apply.) providing there is a full day’s work at site on each respective visit by the installation team.

In order to complete installation within the agreed timescale, the Customer must grant the installation team good level access with no obstructions to the site and/or property at the agreed time (either by providing a set of keys or being present on site).

As a part of installation work, we have allowed for removal of existing frames (if applicable), including disposal of any waste left from delivery. Installation team will remove existing frames as careful as possible, but we cannot accept any responsibility for any damage to plaster, tiles, window boards or any other internal/external finish that may be required during the removal of existing and installation of replacement units.

Where units with electric elements (e.g.: external blinds, shutters, motorised entrance doors, fingerprint scanners, electric integrated blinds, opening sensors, etc.) have been ordered. It is the Customers responsibility to ensure these are wired and connected to mains by certified electrician at the Customers own expense.

In case of cancellation, Customer must inform in writing during the cooling off period which shall run for seven days from the day when this contract was signed by Customer. All products within the quotation are bespoke and therefore in case of cancellation from outside the “cooling off” period but not later than two weeks we will accept the cancellation with 20% charge of the full contract value. In case of cancellation two weeks after the contract was signed or prior to dispatch of the goods, the cancellation charge is 75% of the full contract value. Any cancellation after the goods are ready for dispatch or delivered to site/warehouse are to be charged for 100% of the contracted value.

Title, ownership and possession rights of all products and goods supplied within the above quotation will remain with AT ECO Windows & Doors Ltd, and no warranties will be issued until the payment is received in full.

Remedial work can only be carried out and service issues resolved upon full payment receipt.

This Contract (including any non-contractual matters and obligations arising therefrom or associated therewith) is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

Payment Conditions

Option 1: Survey, Supply and Installation
Stage 1: 50% of the order value required to proceed to the manufacturing process.
Stage 2: 47.5% of the order value, two working days before delivery of the materials on site.
Stage 3: 2.5% of the order value, on completion of installation of the supplied units.

Option 2: Survey and Supply only
Stage 1: 50% of the order value required to proceed to the manufacturing process.
Stage 2: 50% of the order value, two working days before delivery of the materials on site.

Option 3: Supply only
Stage 1: 50% of the order value required to proceed to the manufacturing process.
Stage 2: 50% of the order value, two working days before delivery of the materials on site.

We accept the following payment options: Bank Transfer, Cheques or Credit Cards*. (*Subject to additional surcharge of 3% per transaction. Unfortunately, we do not accept American Express).



As the leading European, internationally active, window brand with 92 years of experience, Internorm is focused on developing innovative, exceptionally high quality and reliable window and door solutions. That’s our guarantee.

Against condensation between the sealed panes of insulating glass, if the glass is not heavier than 80kg.

On weather resistance against unnatural change of colour and cracks in surfaces of:

  • - white uPVC window and door profiles, except for mitre cracks.
  • - inside foil covered uPVC window and door profiles, except for mitre cracks.
  • - anodised (a form of metal coating) or powder coated aluminium window and door profiles.

Against condensation between the sealed panes of insulating glass.

On the glue connection of glued Georgian/feature bars.

On the function of the material compound timber, thermal foam and aluminium profiles in timber aluminium composite products when adhering to the Internorm fitting and maintenance guidelines.

On the function of the glued connection and sealing of the insulating glass panes with window profiles in timber aluminium composite products when adhering to the Internorm fitting and maintenance guidelines.

Where goods are supplied with marine grade aluminium finish.

For PVD coated entrance door handles against corrosion, if no mechanical damage is apparent.

On weather resistance against unnatural colour changes or cracks in door filling surfaces.

On weather resistance against unnatural change of colour and cracks in surfaces of anodised or powder coated aluminium roller shutters, blinds and window shutter profiles.

On the function of window and door hardware when the Internorm fitting and maintenance guidelines have been followed.

On weather resistance against unnatural change of colour and cracks in surfaces of uPVC roller shutter profiles.

Internorm guarantees that our Goods manufactured from 1999 onwards are capable of being repaired by our specialists in such a way that their full functionality is guaranteed to subsist or be retained over a time period of 30 years. However, this is subject to the construction (i.e. frames and sashes) remaining undamaged and subject to the customer paying our costs of repair, where applicable. The 30-year period begins with the Internorm production date, confirmation of which will be provided on request. The services or materials, labour time etc., necessary to retain functionality will be charged at respective current rates.


The full version of our warranty information, warranty requirements and how to make a warranty claim, can be found in the Internorm Maintenance, Care and Warranties Manual. This Manual is delivered together with your Internorm products. It is additionally available as a PDF from the Download section of our website, and available from every Internorm distribution partner.


Internorm’s wealth of experience and focus on innovative technical solutions ensure that you receive the best product and service. High-tech production facilities and the strictest quality controls ensure that the our product quality sets industry standards. Prestigious awards and certifications from leading European test institutes confirm this.

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