I-Tec Core

Strength of the timber is unrivalled. That’s why we are using this high-tech and natural material to develop a new revolutionary technology for our products to create even more sustainable and unique products.

I-Tec Core products

I-Tec Connect

I-tec Connect, the intelligent building control, enables you to easily and conveniently operate your ventilation and shading via Smartphone or tablet, no matter if you are at home or on the way.

I-Tec Connect products

I-Tec Shading

All Internorm window systems with integrated blinds can be equipped with I-tec shading. This sun protection without external power source works with photovoltaic module and batteries.

I-Tec Shading products

I-Tec Insulation

Internorm windows are known for greatest thermal performance. Outstanding factor for this, is the HCFC-, HFC- and FC-free insulation which is inserted into frame profiles.

I-Tec Insulation products

I-Tec Secure

The I-tec Secure is resistant to modern-day burglar techniques such as levering, helping reduce the risk of potential break-ins or unwanted intruders. I-tec secure integrated within the UPVC and UPVC/aluminium windows KF520 and KF510.

I-Tec Secure products

I-Tec Glazing

I-tec Glazing will help maximise the thermal efficiency and performance of your new build or renovation project. Once the glass is installed and fitted precisely into the frame the remaining gap between the glass and the window profile is filled with adhesive.

I-Tec Glazing products

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