KF520 Window profile

The new KF520 combines innovative design with technical know-how. The window sash is not visible from outside due to its glass appearance and can optically not be distinguished from fixed glazing.

KF520 Window profile products

KF510 Window profile

The particularly slim and modern frame of the KF510 results in an even larger area of glazing to allow maximum light transmission and improved living.

KF510 Window profile products

KF410 Window profile

You always take the right decision with KF410. The square-edged design of frame and sash matches the design style of home pure. Due to the new I-tec insulation technology, the frame is insulated continuously and thereby thermal insulation is improved considerably.

KF410 Window profile products

KF310 Window profile

This is a very slim window with a construction depth of 74 mm. The rounded edges of sash and frame match design style home soft perfectly. The new 6-chamber frame profile ensures even better thermal insulation. Three continuous gaskets protect the inside area from the wet and improve thermal insulation and sound reduction at the same time.

KF310 Window profile products


With our KV440 system the sun and privacy protection is already integrated between the panes, this offers best thermal insulation and sound reduction values.

KV440 WITH INTEGRATED BLINDS Window Profile products

KV350 With integrated blinds window profile

New KV350 window with integrated blinds, features our main advantages. Fantastic sound reduction and best thermal performance, shading and privacy protection are integrated in between the glass panes, but still accessible for service.

 KV350 With integrated blinds window profile products

KS430 Lift and slide door

Lift and slide doors are the perfect link between indoor and outdoor. The low threshold ensures comfortable passing and is best suited for barrier-free access. Toughened or laminated panes are used as standard and protect from injuries when glass breaks.

KS430 Lift and slide door  products

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